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Unite TV Episode 2

We are proud to announce the release of Unite TV Episode 2 featuring Nick Ormerod and his standout performance during the 2012 season in Hawaii.

“Hawaii this year was really good, probably the best season I’ve been there. Plenty of Pipe for the comp and free surfing and some good, rampy days in between,” Nick claimed upon his return from the Pacific paradise.

In his tenth season on the North Shore, Nick was a clear standout amongst the star-studded crowd that invaded the infamous lineup throughout January and February. So, what was different for him this year compared to years passed?

“I think experience plays a big part over there. I had a couple of sessions where I felt good about my riding, but there was nothing different about this year except for maybe more consistent waves. I guess I was more clear about what I wanted from Hawaii and a little more driven too,” Nick explained.

With a mind-blowing start to the year, Nick is keen to keep his momentum going forward and is planning an attack on the IBA World Tour throughout the remainder of 2012.

“My main goal this year is to qualify for the 2013 World Tour. I’ve never had a whole year planned around comps, or even a clear goal for that matter. I know what I’ve gotta do and I’m amped to make it happen.”

Unite TV is available on YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes. To view or download the latest episode, visit

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Unite TV Episode 1

We are proud to announce the launch of Unite TV, a Podcast series based primarily on the Unite Team and their life experiences at home and abroad. Unite TV Episode 1 features Winston McCall in his debut video part and is released to coincide with his eight page interview in Riptide 184.

Winston filmed the entire section throughout Winter 2011 in between tours with his band Parkway Drive and the footage is largely from the same sessions included in his Riptide profile.

“We lucked into a couple of swells down South and it was a great Winter at home,” Winston claimed. “We got super lucky, there were solid back to back swells with good winds and classic banks. I’m normally away when conditions like that line up,” he laughed.

Winston once again teamed up with Caleb Graham, producer of the official music video for the Parkway Drive track “Karma”, and judging by the results the combination is clearly working well.

“It was great hanging out with Caleb again. He’s super keen to shoot, it’s sick to have someone around who’s down to get the job done,” said Winston.

Caleb continued, “We managed to link up for some mental waves in between every [Parkway Drive] tour this Winter. Our local breakwall had amazing banks and we lucked into two South Coast trips, scoring amazing waves both times.”

Most people know Winston McCall as the vocalist for Parkway Drive, but it’s obvious that his passion for bodyboarding hasn’t been forgotten as they grow in popularity and his commitments to the band increase.

“People who have witnessed his froth levels in the water this year will know how amped the guy is to surf. He’s a full blown frothing grommet in the body of a tattooed 29 year old,” laughed Caleb.

Unite TV is available on YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes. To view or download the latest episode, visit

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