Yoga Master

I had a yoga session the other day, one-on-one with a Yoga Master. That’s definitely something I want written in my CV. Well, just the Master bit… it makes whatever you are doing sound mystically awesome. Try it. DVD Master, Sleeping Master, Fishing Master…. it just finishes words – or titles – off beautifully.

Anyway, who knew that bending over your own back stretched into ungodly positions was good for you? Apparently certain stretches are good for your gizzards – like the thyroid gland, something I didn’t even know I had until I stretched my back for it.

I have done a Body Balance class for years as part of my training, and have really enjoyed it. But yoga was something I thought was for hippies, but it does really work you. And obviously there is a lot more to it than I claim to know.

It’s one thing to contort my body physically, but please don’t start throwing my entrails in there. I have a few natural therapists in my family, who are very under qualified (just kidding) but I do wonder sometimes about who comes up with these health concepts and claims.

Being a bit of a prankster, I imagine some pretentious incense burner devising some of them. You would have to have a good sense of humour. Like when someone says, “Okay, now breathe deep into your chest; this hold is good for your large intestine and can clear the body and mind of alien parasites and realign your full-of-crap meridian”.

Oh yeah, I can really feel that posture is doing all of that!


  1. Frank Sinartra said:

    Is that Kingy or Wingnut with a bald spot!?

  2. Jorge said:

    Ha! The masters word…

    It gives you the right to get paid better for doing the same thing.

  3. Carlos said:

    Stretch away, stretch away… you got a lot of stretching to do before your meridian is all aligned, you crazy boogie Master.

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