Where To Go?

Well folks, the Australian tour event ended the other day and I finished up equal 7th. Not the best finish, or the worst, but the waves were pretty fun, which made competing that much more enjoyable. 

It’s the second time that I’ve competed in the Boxy event at Nelsons Bay and I honestly can say that I’m a big fan. Anything that wedges and is pretty consistent you have to be happy with.  I had some good heats up until I got licked in the Semi’s from not landing a flip.

The level was pretty high and young gun Lachie Cramsie took the contest out. I had a feeling he might win when I saw him free surf, and he did just that by snatching it out of Jake Stone’s hands in the final. He also took home a cool 3000 bucks.

On another note, things have been pretty good, but I’ve had a bit of a bludge over the past couple of weeks. Just been trying to spend time on the loose ends that you never seem to get to when you’re travelling. Now that they’re done, and the fact I have some new boards that look really good, I’m amped to find some good waves, whether that’s in Australia or overseas.

I had to hang around for the comp but now I’m pretty unrestricted (says the man with a wife, kid and two dogs haha) and I’m keen to sink my teeth into some good waves somewhere. But when you start thinking “where to go?” it’s harder than you think to come up with an original and uncrowded location.

I’m all ears to any suggestions, please send some my way for my exploration haha.


  1. Jezza said:

    Jezza is coming next week, maybe Western Australia? Hahaha.

  2. Alan Alleyne said:

    Barbados is a great place to come surf and relax. You can also bring the family. We have all types of awesome waves year round. I can hook you up with a place to stay for free or for very reasonable price. Good vibes all the time. Check it out, and any other questions feel free to email me.

    Alan Alleyne

  3. Gonx said:

    Panamaaaa! Caribbean is pumpin’!

  4. Jason H said:

    This is easy, the Gold Coast. Plenty of variety, minimal crowds and always a good vibe out in the water.

  5. Skipp said:

    Get back to Cloudbreak or NW WA, P-Pass, Boat trip out Tahiti atolls… original? Go to some random african country.

  6. Carlos said:

    A couple of months from now, I’d say Portugal. You really need to explore our coast a bit more. There are some gems, believe me. But, this time of year… they say Australia is the place to be.

  7. Damian King said:

    Thanks boyz…

    Firstly, Barbados sounds good Alan! But, how do I get in contact with you? Also, what are the crowds like?
    Carlos, I know Portugal pumps but I’m a pussy with the cold ha!
    Gonx, Panama does sound good and I’ve heard that it cracks but I wouldn’t even know where to start? I’ll have a look into it though.
    Skipp (not the real one I’m assuming), all your spots are good. Boat trips out to the Tahiti atolls would be insane, but do they even run them? I knew one guy who had them but I think he stopped? I like the idea of going to Africa also.
    As for the Goldy, I’ve already booked!

  8. Jorge said:

    Ooohhh poor little Kingy…
    Once you have surfed the best waves in the world and living in one of the best places for bodyboarding, it’s hard to choose a destination.
    What about some overcrowded, small, onshore beachbreak at Sopelana?

  9. Damian King said:

    Perfect Jorge, lock that in! Ha!

  10. Lorena said:

    Kingy, you should take Jezza to the best and prettiest places and take care of him because he is sick 🙂

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