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We are proud to welcome professional bodyboarder Joe Clarke to our Bodyboard Team.

“Ever since Joe burst onto the scene in 2008 I’ve wanted him on our Team,” Unite Managing Director, Joel Taylor admitted. “When the opportunity to sign him came up, we jumped at the chance. We’re stoked to welcome Joe to the Unite family!”

Joe was equally excited with the news, “I needed a change in my career and I couldn’t have found a better clothing brand to work with. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a loyal and tight knit team!”

The signing of Joe Clarke is the first addition to the Unite Bodyboard Team since Lachlan Cramsie joined the roster in 2011.

“Our Team – and Unite as a whole – is a family, we don’t just put anyone on,” Joel said. “Joe has been wearing our products for the past 12 months or so despite not being officially part of the Team. It’s obvious that he is committed to the brand so we’re looking forward to building a partnership with him well into the future.”

He continued, “Not only is Joe one of the best bodyboarders in the world right now, but he’s also close friends with everyone at Unite. He’s the right fit for our brand, he fits the mould perfectly.”

Joe joins Ryan Hardy, Michael Novy, Lachlan Cramsie and Winston McCall on the 2016 Unite Bodyboard Team. “It means the world to me being associated with a brand with such an elite group of athletes; especially [Ryan] Hardy, in my eyes he is still the best bodyboarder in the world,” claimed Joe.

Following his fourth place finish on the 2015 ABA Pro Tour, Joe recently returned from a surf trip to the Philippines. Competition and travel will again be his main focus for 2016.

“I want the ABA Pro Tour title next year, that’s a major goal for me. I’m keen to travel to places I’ve never been to before, tick a few destinations off the world map. I’ll also be putting my all into producing high performance clips in 2016. I want to put out content that will amp the kids to get off the couch and go for a surf!”

Joe is sponsored by Custom X, Limited Edition, Agent Eighteen, Unite, Bodyboarders Surf Co., Hogs Breath Cafe and Sun Zapper.

To view Joe’s Team profile, click here.

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