Ups And Downs

Life is full of ups and downs. I just came off a high as I took out the Box Pro Trials today. As 50 Cent said, “the top feels so much better than the bottom”. How true! 

It feels so good to win again. Fuck, it’s been toooooo long! Even though it’s not the main event (yet haha), it’s still good to win. The Trials have been going for the past couple of days and they’ve been really hard, every heat could have been a final.

I was taking each heat one by one. The plan was to make the Top 8, and once I achieved that by making the Semi’s, my goal then became to win the event and lead the GQS rankings. I had some tough heats but I played it pretty relaxed and focused more on what let me down in Hawaii… wave selection. It worked well and before I knew it I was in the Final along with Sacha Specker, Lewy Finnegan and Jacob Romero.

I had the frame of mind of going for it so it was either first or fourth for me. No rolls, just flips. I landed a solid one on my first wave giving me 9.08, but the wave before Lewy also had one giving him a 9.25. I got a second strong wave of 7.3 and Lewy couldn’t get another high score. Specker came in strong at the end to claim second. I must say, my wave selection was 1000 times better than it’s been and that made all the difference. I need to take that with me when I compete tomorrow at The Box.

After the nightmare in comp surfing I’ve had over the past 12 months the win tasted sweeter than ever. Although it was just the Trials it was still hard and a good confidence booster going into the main event.

I want to win this contest and have nothing to loose. I have done enough on this trip to be happy to go home now, and that’s a good frame of mind to be in (believe it or not). I just want to surf how I would if I wasn’t wearing a rashie.

Here we go!


  1. Aaron Williams said:

    Well done buddy!!! Stoked for you 🙂 Hope the rest of the comp is just as successful!!!

  2. Damian King said:

    thanks… wind killed me today. tomorrow last chance.

  3. DC said:

    Mother nature showed she is a prim and proper slut with that wind change, I’m not worried yet though you weapon!

  4. Leota said:

    You can do it! Xx

  5. Dave said:

    Great effort Kingy. All the best for the main comp!

  6. Jezza said:

    yew! congrats mr King! and good luck in the main event, you’re the best!!!

  7. Dixie said:

    Go Blitz ’em Champ!

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