The Life Of Tom

After warming up around home for the SIC Trials I went to Sydney to try and seal a spot in the main event. Stayed with Brendon Newton which was cool, he is an amazing fella so it was good hanging out with him, doing a little training and just surfing and cruising. The waves for the Trials were pretty terrible but I felt really confident no matter the conditions. I won all of my heats but in the final it just didn’t happen for me. I came fourth (second reserve, arrrgh!) and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. So close!

Was sweet to get home and chill out for a bit. My life on the coast is pretty awesome, I’ve just been cruising with with my girlfriend, Natalye. She is such a positive influence and just an incredible person to be around, she definitely has my nuts haha. Basically just surfing and training every day, that pretty much sums up my life lately. So pumped to get some waves though! Waiting on a big swell to hit a certain place which I can’t talk about right now haha.

Frame grab courtesy of Matt Lackey. Click here for the website dedicated to his new film, The Lackey Project, coming soon!

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