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Firstly, I’m a lazy bastard and I’m sorry for not posting lately. I’m going to kick myself up the ass and get back on the program. It’s just that I’ve had some time off from the comps, already re-qualifying for the Tour next year, and I’ve just been having a break before kicking off for 2013. Anyway, back on the program and I’ll make the posts more regular. 

Last weekend the surfing community of the Mid North Coast had an awards night. It was a celebration of the last 100 years of surfing in the area and they’d been collecting memorabilia for it for the past two years. It was actually quite a big deal for this part of Australia.

Anyway, they invited me to come and I was thinking, “Oh yeah, this will be a big stand up thing”, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, they had a lot of surfing stuff on show, from surfboards over 70 years old to newspaper clippings and old super8 videos from the 60’s. All the surfing clubs were there and profiles on all the good surfers that have come out of this area were set up on big boards full of photos.  But they did include bodyboarding and had photos of our club achievements, as well as Eppo’s and my achievements.

They spent the night talking surf stories before giving out the big awards. The main award was Surfer Of The Century, which the Mayor presented. First was Surfer Family Of The Century, which was won by a local surfing family, the Hudsons. Their father was a multiple Australian Champion, so were the sons, and they run all of the surf schools in the area. The second was Surfer Of The Century, and when they called my name out I nearly did a double backflip!

I think I deserve the award, but it’s another thing to actually to get it… especially from the surfing community. I must say, I take my hat off to them for giving it to me, and I think that it’s really good for bodyboarding and the relationship between the two rival sports that they did.

I gave a speech about bodyboarding and my journey, which I think they not only related to, but also enjoyed. The atmosphere after the awards were presented was really cool, it was like that for one night there was no prejudice towards our sport. It made me think how good it would be if this were how it always was all over the world. I think everyone, including surfers, would all get a lot more out of the ocean and potentially new friends if it were.

Regardless, it was an epic night and I’m stoked with the award!


  1. Jezza said:

    Yeah Kingy, congrats man, you deserve it. Yew!!!

  2. Numbat said:

    Yeah Mr. King! Well deserved and well said.

  3. Jolan said:

    Nice one Kingston, stoked for ya! Cracks me up how you’ve got the sly bicep curl going on with the trophy haha.

  4. Damian King said:

    Oh yeah, loving the curls… always onto a photo op! 🙂

  5. Arthur said:

    Congrats, Kingy, you totally deserve it!

  6. Damian king said:


  7. Dixie said:

    You legend! Port is unique regarding sharing the waves with our standup friends, you “old” fellas made this happen! I have heard it from parents at comps in our town, it happens nowhere else. Thank you, bring on number four!

  8. Joe said:

    Congratulations King, you deserve it mate! 3 x World Champion, winner of the deadliest Shark Island comp in history, winner of one of the best Teahupoo comps, and dominating both prone and dropknee styles for a decade and a half. It’s been awesome watching your career flourish and best wishes for the next step in your career.

  9. Carlos said:

    Couldn’t have gone to a better Surfer (with capital “S”, as in someone who rides waves regardless of vehicle) and a better man. You’ve done it all! It’s a shame you’ve decided to retire, but that’s just me and a whole community of selfish bastards that love seeing you compete. We’ll all have to settle on some clips and Podcasts, I guess…

    Congrats, Kingy. Proud to know you, mate.

  10. MJ said:

    Talk it up Kingy… say you’re gunna post more but don’t. Fire up son!

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