Sick At The SIC

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last post. We had the SIC, I built another classic BBQ and have been on the road chasing waves. 

Firstly, lets get to the Island event. Contest organiser Alex Leon gave me the call frothing on an East to South East swell, which was at the same time that I had got super sick. I’d tweaked my back the day before too so I slept on the carpet (for the hard surface) the night before. It was one of the coldest nights of the year though and I froze, which resulted in me picking up a hardcore flu.

Regardless, I still made the trip down to Cronulla, but in the back of my mind I was a fanny hair from pulling out of the event and just thought I’d wake up on the day and suss it.

I still felt like crap but dug deep and entered the event. Had a killer first heat with [Ben] Player, [Andrew] Lester, Pyno [Shaun Pyne] and [Jase] Finlay, got through that and the Semi and before I knew it I was in the Final. By this stage I was coughing and spluttering and running on vapours.

My strategy was simple, wait for the bombs. The problem was that there wasn’t any, except one, which Ewan [Donnachie] conveniently coached me off. In finals I usually have a theory of first or fourth… go for it (as Eppo would put it haha). Well, I ended up dropping the ball and getting fourth. I didn’t blow any good ones, which makes the loss a little easier, but it’s my seventh final now at the Island and I need to win it again!

After that I had to get home and fast so after a quick session at Suck Rock Lefts I bailed back to Port. I then renovated my BBQ and made it indestructible. My BBQ is my heart and soul and it needed much love. For those that have spent time around my open fire BBQ will know what a great investment this thing is, and it was time well spent.

Now I’m back down the coast chasing swell. Yesterday I surfed The Zone and it was pretty big. One of the first waves that I paddled into was a beast and was unrideable. The animal of a wave pitched me into the flats and destroyed me. Today my whole body is sore, but I guarantee you will enjoy the shots haha!

I’m just about to paddle out the Island with my board cam, it’s a long pole and I really want to suss it out and get a couple of shots. The problem is there’s about a million people out there. Fuck it, I may as well join the circus.


  1. Carlos said:

    Storytelling skills are sharp as always. And in this new media you can use the “F word” and all? How refreshing! ah ah

  2. Jorge said:

    Glad to hear you are ok now!
    I saw on Unite’s Instagram that you are filming some GoPro…

  3. Joe said:

    Just remember Kingy that you won the craziest bodyboarding contest in history, let alone perhaps the gnarliest Shark Island ever ridden.

    And nothing ever beats a BBQ. You’re a man’s man Kingy. Legend.

  4. Damian King said:

    Thanks boyos!

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