Ready, Set… Go!

Well, I just arrived in Margaret River for The Box event with my wife’s parents, Jimbo and Bubs. After a little mission over here it’s game on as the Trials kicked off today.

Haha the Trials… haven’t been in those for a while, but to be honest, the forecast is looking half decent for tomorrow so let’s just see what nature delivers. There will be eight spots up for grabs out of the field of 64 and it’s going to be cutthroat all the way.

The nerves are starting to kick in, but I’ve had some of the best lead up sessions to an event I’ve had in a long time. All on rights as well which is what Gas mainly is. That can make a big difference to your confidence going into an event, if you’ve been surfing well only days before your heat you don’t mind risking things just like you would free surfing. I think my biggest problem is that I surf too safe in heats, the opposite of how I surf when free surfing. I want to loosen up in this event and go for it a lot more. I read something about [Guilherme] Tamaga where he said his best surfing is done in heats. For me lately it’s been the opposite, but I want that to change for this event.

That said, the field will be hard and the best of the best from Australia (that aren’t on the tour) will be in it as well as some overseas competitors. Everyone is a threat and anything can happen.

I spoke to [Ryan] Hardy and he said the forecast is epic and the sand on the reef is perfect so it could be a really good comp. It will be a good lead up to the main event… I just need to get there first and better still, take it out to secure the points for requalifying.

Although I feel good, it can go either way. We’ll just have to wait and see!


  1. Leota said:

    And you did take it out! Xx

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