Port Festival

The Port Macquarie Teams Challenge will kick off this weekend. Teams from all over Australia will be battling it out to get a piece of the $10,000 prize pool. The forecast is looking shocking for the weekend making the whole event much tighter. 

I think we have the best team (haha very patriotic)… besides winning the Teams Challenge for the last four years, I just think our team are in their prime right now and that’s got to be an advantage. In saying that, this weekend will be super hard to retain the crown; there are a few new teams who desperately want to take us down and the waves are going to be pathetic, which will tighten up the scores a lot more.

This is only the first comp of the weeklong festival coming to town; riders from all over Oz and the world will be here. Next week the 6 Star GQS event will also start here in Port Mac and the forecast is looking a lot better for that. A nice little East swell should produce a few waves at Breakwall.

Yours truly is currently leading the GQS rankings (after only one event haha), so I’ll be looking for another strong result in this event. If I can pull that off, my chances of requalifying for the GSS next year will be pretty strong.

It’s been good just being home though, cruising with my little darling, catching up on some time together. I also planted my veggie patch the other day so organic produce here we come!

Oh yeah, I also had my 34th birthday the other day… fuck I’m getting old, I still feel like a grommet! Had a few friends over for a spit roast, some unbelievable food that eventually ended with beers and few stories around my fire. It was a good night.

I’m thinking I might host another for the comp; the food is too good not to share!


  1. Dixie said:

    I reckon PMBA will totally blitz it! Sending all the bwall rats & new comers to our area, the best waves. Rats hopefully will eat you up! If not, fine them $100 each. Love & wishes, great waves to all from Dixie, new Orleans. Xo

  2. Dixie said:

    P.S. Happy birthday to all. Time for number 2. Dixie

  3. Georgie said:

    Oh lord!!! how many teeth has she got?!
    Is she speaking? Can’t imagine her voice.
    And yes, I’ve realised you are at the milk bar. I’m jealous.

  4. Jezza said:

    Best of luck in the comp Mr King! and happy birthday!!! yeew!!!

  5. Dixie said:

    Update please. Only reliable site I can get… hanging for info. My days, times all out of wack! Go you DK Port Mac Captain. Don’t gamble with the winnings! Sending you all best waves from bahamas. xoxo to all Dixie. Wild boat ride here, fish starting to jump. ahoy!

  6. Carlos said:

    You are still a grommet, believe it. And Siena is growing up beautiful.

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