On The Way Home

I’ve spent the last week in WA scoring waves and after getting some decent swells I’m like a greyhound at the gates eager to get home. 

The forecast looked pretty good after the Box comp so reluctantly I decided to stay and chased waves from Albany to Margs. Although these frame grabs are only from two sessions, we ended up scoring some pretty good waves and it was definitely worth staying.

It was good to catch up with Jay also… I worked out that we have known each other for over 20 years! Not much has changed between now and then; a lot of laughing went down over the past week and the bantering is still as pathetic as ever. Thankfully we captured some pretty funny / stupid stuff on video that I know I was cracking up at. Maybe you will too!

In about an hour I’ll be home and I’m going to squeeze the life out of my girls. Can’t wait!!!


  1. Jezza said:

    haha cool photos Mr King! nothing better than some sick waves. yeew!!!

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