Hosting Jezza

Over the past couple of weeks my friend from Chile, Jeremy, has been staying with us and we’ve been showing him a little bit of our great country. 

On his arrival Jezza was keen to dig his heels in deep to get a real taste of Australia. It’s along way from his homeland and this wasn’t going to be a missed experience for him.

As I took him through the National Parks and empty beaches I would catch him shaking his head and mumbling “this place is beautiful”. Jezza is from Arica and seeing white beaches with green trees over there is about as common as mermaid’s hand feeding you grapes, so understandably Jezza was taken aback. It gets me stoked seeing someone appreciate it like I do, and for Jezza he was loving it.

He has always looked after me when I’ve been in Chile and I really wanted to return the favour. The days that I spent with him we camped, fished, cooked on open fires and basically tried to give him a taste of the things I love about Australia. I wasn’t sure if it was more about what Jezza wanted to do, or what I wanted. Haha nah, I think he really enjoyed it.

If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s living outdoors, cooking bush tucker, fishing… even catching worms. So for Jezza, seeing this was pretty refreshing from what he’s used to. I think seeing me around my little girl spun him out too.

Jezza has only hung out with us at the comps or motels, but here was totally different; I think he feels I might be a bit of a kitchen bitch, which I probably am. However, peeling yourself out of a tent to see a kangaroo staring you in the face is amazing no matter where you’re from, and he got a chance to experience that and much more.

The only downer for him on the trip, which was a “massive one”, was not being able to surf B-Wall as it was shit. I could hear his jaw hit the floor as I told him it’s the wrong time of year. He didn’t care about surfing anywhere else, “just Breakwall”. Who could blame him? Haha!

Jezza has gone back home now, but rest assured he would have a few stories to tell. For me, it was just another experience that re-enforced my love for this country and gave me a good excuse to connect with the outdoors again.


  1. Lozza said:

    Beautiful words Kingy and I am sure Jezza really enjoyed the trip. I want to thank you for taking care of him and for showing him the best places of Australia, it was always his dream and I know he will never forget it.

    I hope to see you when you come to the championship.

    Nice pics also!!!

  2. Damian King said:

    Thanks lozza… the only problem was getting him off his phone ’cause he was missing you haha!!! Glad he liked it!

  3. Jezza said:

    Haha I wasn’t all the time on the phone!
    What can I say Mr. King, just Muchas Gracias por todo! Thank you so much for everything, it was by far the greatest trip ever, and i enjoyed all of it.
    Camping was the coolest and the kingy adventure was sick!!! I enjoyed everything, thank you so much! A bit of bad luck with bwall and northwall but yet the whole trip was amazing!
    Hope all is good man, how was the barbie that friday? and the footy? yew!!!

  4. DC said:

    Good story and all and it seems like Jezza had a great time but seriously Kingy you are a very funny man and these blog posts are seriously fucking boring!

    I know deep in that twisted vault of yours you have countless photos and stories that will bring a smile to my face. You promised more controversy, stop being as plain as everyone else, I believe in you!

  5. Jorge said:

    It seems you have an ability for hosting people and showing your country around!
    Camping was the thing I missed last time, but the next one…
    And according to DC, bring us some funny ones!!!

  6. Carlos said:

    Good one, Kingy!

  7. Damian King said:

    Ha!!! Alright DC, you harsh bastard, I have a new plan for the blog… it’s now going to include stories from over the years. And there are definitely some funny ones.

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