Dumb Boy Strikes Again

Well, dumb boy did the one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t… I caught the shittiest waves in the heat! Pumping Pipe and I was either dropping in late (good scoop though haha) or taking on closeouts… unbelievable!

This is my 16th year [in Hawaii] and I let that happen. I had a look at some footage yesterday and admittedly our heat lucked out on waves in comparison with other heats, but it’s still a rookie mistake. There were still good waves out there and I should have been on them, especially with priority in effect. Best waves for a comp for years, and I end up on the beach with the Texas tourists, jumping off the bus from Waikiki to watch the famous Pipeline, cheering on the winners. Sorry, but it’s like swallowing a mouth full of nails, and I should’ve been out there instead.

But it was an amazing event, great vibes on the beach with everyone blowing up from the Quarters on. Every heat was stacked and everyone was killing it. Pipe was amazing with 10 foot bombs and I couldn’t help but think how good bodyboarding is when your watching the best riders in quality waves.

Congratulations to Hubb, he dominated from start to finish. Also, Sam Bennett for knocking out the two French World Champs [Amaury Lavernhe and Pierre Louis Costes] in the Semis, which was the upset of the year.

Amazing comp, amazing riders and an amazing after party… you might get to see the clip of King performing the Al Pacino speech to the crowd in the not too distant future. I got deep! Haha.

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