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Firstly, sorry for the lag since my last post, I’m not going to make excuses; I’ve just been a lazy bastard. That said, it’s been quite a busy week so I’ll give you an update of what has been happening. 

Mitch Oates came up to Port mid week to shoot a short 15 minute documentary on my life. He’ll spend the next couple of months putting it together and if I give him the thumbs up it should hit the cyber world then. He asked some full on questions so I want to see how it comes out first before I give him the green light to put it out there. So far so good and I think if it’s done right it’ll be pretty cool. He spent over two hours setting up lighting for the interview so maybe I should’ve put a timeframe on the project, as at that rate it will be a memorial piece haha!

I also finished a big story on Breakwall for Riptide. It’s a feature that will be released in the next mag. It talks about the history and some of the heavy stuff I witnessed when I was a pup growing up, and obviously the way it has shaped some of the best bodyboarders in the world. It truly is an amazing place with a rich and colorful bodyboarding history and I think this story is long overdue. I’m sure you’ll find the read interesting.

Do you remember my BBQ? Well, I have finished that now; laid turf, put up a houso fence and some garden beds. The stage is set now for a massive party when the Port comp comes to town! Haha just kidding, but we will have something here for sure and it should be fun.

Today we’re driving to Forster for a grommet development comp for the region. We [PMBA], along with a few other clubs, are going to try and encourage growth with the participation of our club and also offer a few tips if needed. I will be driving a 12 seater bus down packed with groms, I just hope the old girl has enough guts to get broadside around a few slippery corners!

Breakwall has got epic banks and the last two days have been insane practice for the comp in WA in one week’s time. I had one of the best sessions I’ve had out there in a while, had good rhythm and let loose a bit, if I don’t mind talking it up haha.

Anyway, got to hit it, the groms are waiting to see what this old girl has to offer!


  1. Jezza said:

    can’t wait for the documentary Mr King! hahah are you gonna post the breakwall story here too? I hope everything is great! yew!

  2. Damian King said:

    yeah, cool jezza. yeah, I think you should see something on the net about it!

  3. Jezza said:


  4. Dixie said:

    Lovely lawn. Exceptional spit roast 9/10. Awesome salad, superb roast veges. Will never forget the firetruck “funny”. Sort the crackling out boy = 11/10! Sending all the Port boys best waves in WA. Take care, travel safe. xo to all.

  5. Carlos Mariano said:

    It looks like the practice paid off at the Box Trials! Next time you come to Portugal I have to introduce you to my favourite spot. From the clips I’ve seen from Breakwall, you will feel quite at home 😉

    Good luck for the Box!

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