Behind The Ad # 203


I’d never been to Tahiti before this trip late last year so it was an eye opener for me. It’s by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been; the people, the scenery and the waves are all are amazing!

The day the photo for this ad [Riptide 203, shot by Josh Tabone] was taken we got in our hire cars and zipped around the island arriving to 4 to 6 foot offshore waves on an outer reef bombie. All the boys were eager to get out there as we had surfed Teahupo’o the days before. It was a welcomed session where we could just muck around and do some punts without the crowds and the full throttle drops at Chopes.

This wave wedges up on an outer reef and pushes into a shallow, horseshoe bowl. It was a bit too big for the reef this day so we were dodging bombs left, right and centre. It was annoying ‘cause if you got pushed over the shelf it took ages to get back to the takeoff point.

The smaller waves were the ticket as they hit the reef properly and served up a nice wrapping bowl. This one popped up on the inside as I was paddling back out so I quickly swung around and lined up the oncoming section. The wind was pretty strong so once I hit the bowl it got under me and gave me wings!

I saw that T-Bone was right in the spot for the shot. Happy times!

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