Behind The Ad # 202


I had been keen to go back to Tahiti ever since my first experience back in 2013 with the Passing Through crew so when this swell popped up I jumped at the opportunity. We bought our tickets and the next morning we flew out. 

On the flight over we bumped into Chris Bryan [cinematographer] who informed us that they were shooting Point Break 2 and that there was a chance Teahupoo would be closed.

With that in mind, on the big day of the swell – the day the photo for this ad was shot [Riptide 202, by Ben Thouard] – we headed to Sapinus but were disappointed to find that the winds were less than favourable. After a bit of debating we decided to head to Chopes to try our luck. When we arrived we were greeted with two guys in the line up paddling and four guys towing some of the heaviest waves I have ever seen.

Late in the afternoon the waves had slowed a little but there was still some bombs coming through. I managed to pick this one off a pretty strong crowd, it was one of the fastest and longest pits I got out there.

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