Behind The Ad # 201


Based on what the charts were saying, this day back in late May was always going to be pretty good. Shane [Ackerman], [Josh] Tabone and I got up at 4.00am and made the drive to Blackrock to get there by sunrise. As expected, it was pumping and surprisingly, there weren’t too many people around. 

We got out there just after 6.00am. I was in the water for at least 10 hours; I only came in three times for some food and water throughout the day.

The shot for this ad [Riptide 201, shot by Josh Tabone] was taken as the sun was going down in the afternoon. The tide had come up so the bowls were bigger, although harder to get. Tabone had been shooting for about an hour, but we hadn’t linked up with any airs yet.

When this wave came in and I got a nice ramp we were both pretty happy, it made the full day of surfing even better knowing we got a shot we were both stoked with.

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