Behind The Ad # 199


Back in mid March, D’bah had been on the pump for two days already. On the third day, I drove up with Winny [Dave Winchester], got hepped up on caffeine and was keen to hit as many sections as I could.

I already knew we had a deadline for this ad [Riptide 199], Alex [photographer Alex Ormerod] was keen to nail it but the ramps were coming in pretty far down the beach so the angle for shots was a bit weird. The water was amazing though, so blue and crystal clear.

Alex made the call to hit Froggies… great, closeouts in front of rocks. It looked all over the place so I gave Winny the car key that I had in my boardies ‘cause I knew the waves were going destroy me.

We drifted up with the goal of just getting the biggest one possible. This wave was the first one that came in, a crystal blue time bomb. It flared at just the right time and Alex nailed it. Job done, but we checked the shots and stupidly decided to try and link up on one more.

The next set came in and went mutant, so much sand and water going everywhere. I got smashed into the bottom and felt my leash go ‘snap!’ straight away. I popped up just in time to see my still fresh ride being thrown straight into the rocks.

Alex and I swam our way in and searched for it. After 15 minutes we found it in a cave, looking like a bear had made a good meal out of it. So all in all, this shot cost me a board. Cool.

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