Behind The Ad # 198


The session in the South Pacific that the shot for this ad [Riptide 198] was taken in early February was pretty small and inconsistent. We knew it was going to be hard to get any sort of link ups with Nato [photographer Nathan Tyack], especially shooting fisheye. The tide was coming in so the odds were that it was going to become harder and harder to get anything out of the session. 

Soon after we got out there, a short tropical storm came past and within five minutes it was gone and there were two rainbows in the sky. I could hear Nato on the inside frothing about the light and the rainbows, but there was a half hour wait for each set and even then there was no guarantee it was going to be a good one.

I decided to sit on the inside and try to get a wedge into a ramp. This wave ended up coming through and I thought I was going to be too deep for the section, but I was lucky enough to scoop around it and get a flip out of the end bowl.

Nato was in the perfect position and ended up getting the shot with an insane background!

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