Behind The Ad # 197


Late last September I was on a plane returning home from an Aussie Tour event in South Australia when Lewy [Finnegan] mentioned to me that we were going to do a mission to the deep south [of Western Australia] with his ski the following day.

We woke up early and drove south picking George [Humphreys] up on the way. Six hours later we arrived at the location to check the spot. It was midday and the wind was a little suss, but within the first few minutes we saw some good waves so the call was made, “we’re out there”. We launched the skis at the boat ramp and drove out in massive, choppy seas for about 20 minutes.

In the channel, we watched for a while on the skis, seeing some smaller ones, but knowing we had not seen a proper set wave yet. Then, the whole ocean – or so it seemed – built up as a swell and threw wide into a huge barrel. We had finally seen a set and all the fellas were yelling and screaming; going nuts! The wind started to drop and both Lewy and George had towed into some waves. They were so high on life and frothing, there was no way I was going to miss out on that!

I jumped on the sled on the back of the ski that Brad [Norris] was driving and went out into the line up. I was out the back holding the end of the rope and waiting to get towed thinking about how good the day had already been, the biggest and best barrels I had ever seen with just our crew out. Brad whipped me into the wave from this ad [Riptide 197, shot by Chris Gurney] and it seemed like it took ages to get to the bottom of it, I rode out into the channel the boys and I were hooting!

The whole session was insane, and with this wave being the biggest wave of my life so far, it is definitely going to be an image I will look back on and remember just how great this day was that I shared with my friends.

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