Behind The Ad # 194


Back in early May, three consecutive days of pumping waves were forecasted on the charts so Matt Young, Chris James and I set off from the South Coast [of NSW] to the southern coastline. On our way we met Damien Martin and Mark Thompson [photographer] for a few hours sleep on the side of the road, somewhere near the Victorian border. 

The next day we continued our drive. Arriving early in the afternoon we turned up to a scene of bogged local surfers, trying to bring their ski in. After a hand was lent, they told us the conditions were perfect out there so we suited up immediately.

We arrived at Luna’s to a surprisingly empty line up. Rumours had spread of various crews chasing the same swell and to our surprise, no one had shown up yet. Clean, 6 to 8 foot Luna’s greeted us, so without too much deliberation, we were out there.

The shot from this ad [Riptide 194, shot by Mark Thompson] was one of my last waves of the day, just as the tide had dropped enough and the first sign of the next days swell had started showing it’s head.

Even though it was the first day of the swell, it was safe to say, the trip had already paid off!

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