Behind The Ad # 192


The image from this ad [Riptide 192, shot by Alex Miller] was taken in December last year at my local, Mandurah Wedge. I can remember this session quite clearly as the wave had just recently started to work again. It doesn’t usually break in Winter and is best in Summer. 

For Wedge to work well it needs a lot of sand. For some reason this season we had bad Winter storms which washed the sand away and also heaps of North winds and they don’t do the spot any favours. So with mother-nature not working well for Wedge, it made it come back late, which in a way was kind of a good thing.

Everyone had checked it in early November when it usually starts to work again, and word got around quick that “Wedge has no sand”. So with everybody losing hope, thinking it wasn’t going to come back this season, I would look at it everyday after school and on the way into town. I noticed a few South afternoon winds were happening, pushing some sand into the Wedge. Also, looking at the charts and noticing a few sneaky low tide mornings, things were looking positive!

Eventually, enough sand built up for the wave to start working and I was stoked! My good friend George [Humphreys] and I got two sneaky sessions out there with just us out. The day this shot was taken was only a few sessions later; it was just some of the local crew out and was great conditions… good tide, good wave size and sunny weather.

This particular wave wasn’t the usual wedge that you look for, it was sidewash into bit of a closeout, but the wave gave me enough time to draw a line and I ended up getting a fun ramp. Luckily, Alex was in the spot to capture it.


  1. K-Hole said:

    Actually, the wedge was working in early November. I had a few sessions there. Then a massive storm ripped through late November and washed all the sand away and filled the area with massive piles of seaweed for the next month. Came back in January and there was 15+ crew out even when it was 1ft and crap. This is a fun wave when it’s working and clean, but seriously not worth the scramble with all the groms.

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