Behind The Ad # 188

The shot for this ad [Riptide 188, shot by Alex Ormerod] was taken at home. We had a great run of swell over a few weeks back in May and this spot just kept on giving. 

This morning was pumping; I hooked up with Alex with the aim of nailing a shot for an ad. The water was crystal clear and it was slabbing hard, I guess a little too hard ‘cause Alex didn’t even get a frame off before his housing flooded and he had to swim in to fix it.

Meanwhile, I tried to make one of the most mutant drops going and found myself below sea level and surrounded on three sides by six foot walls of liquid pain. No photographic proof for the resulting beating, only the memories of what could’ve been if his housing hadn’t busted.

After a couple hours of slabs I thought we were done, Alex was still nowhere to be seen, the tide had started dropping and it was only a matter of time before the wind turned. Everyone thought the session was over so the lineup started to empty, when Alex reappeared on the inside. He figured we had enough time to nail one shot before the conditions bailed on us.

Like magic the wind died – I mean really died – and it was like oil out there. I was having trouble reading the waves and sections it was so glassy; I’ve never seen anything like it. With only four guys left in the water, the sets started rolling and the water started draining like sheet glass off the reef.

That’s when I snagged this neat little double up. It wasn’t the biggest wave that I got that day, but the water was so clear that I could see every detail of the reef. Coming over the first step I saw Alex sitting on the other side of the section and I knew we had it.

We ended up only linking up on two waves that session, but we may as well have only shot one thanks to mother nature and some damn good shooting. Man it’s good being home!

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