Behind The Ad # 10

The trip that the shot from this ad [Le Boogie 10] was taken was the first time I’d been to Luna’s in ages. There was a big crew that headed down, it was Chris James, Chris Wilson, Matt Young, Will Hodgett [filmer], Nick Bannehr [photographer] and myself with two skis between us. 

We drove all the way from Sydney the day before, which took a good 10 to 12 hours. Rocking up the first day we were greeted by massive 15 to 20 foot waves so we headed to a beachie for a surf till the swell dropped in the afternoon.

Later in the day we went back to Luna’s and got the skis out there, it was still massive and maxing out but there was the odd good one in between the wash throughs. Matt was the only guy keen to have a nudge so he got whipped into some massive pits by Chris, most of which just maxed out.

It was pumping the next day but even more crew had turned up with Alex Bunting, Jase Finlay, Ewan Donnachie, Dean Pitt, Marti Paradisis and a few other stand ups all onto it. Each crew had a ski too so I tried paddling into a few.

This wave was one that I’d paddled into that must have snuck through all the skis. We surfed it for most of the day, but this was one of my favorite ones from the session.

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