Back In Arica

Well, the Antofagasta event is over, Moz [Amaury Lavernhe] won and I finished 5th. Not a win, but not a first heat knock out. The result pushes me further into the lead on the GQS rankings so it’s all good. 

The contest on the final day was pretty amazing actually. I was skeptical of the wave, but it turned out to be pretty rippable. Not the best wave in the world but pretty good for a comp.

The crowds were off the chain, check out how many cars alone there were in the carpark, the structure down the end is the judging tower. The people in Chile love their bodyboarding and it’s a good reason to bring the tour back here. You wouldn’t get crowds like that in Australia, or anywhere in the world for that matter. It was pretty insane!

Now we’re in Arica and the event starts tomorrow. There are a bunch of trialists and I won’t surf for a few days. The waiting period looks stacked with swell and for the first time in a long time the swell direction is insane, but that won’t hit till next week. Fingers crossed it curves for when I hit the water.

The Trials are going to be a battle in itself and with only six spots going through to the main event it’s going to be a real challenge. That said, I have nothing to loose and I can’t wait for kick off!

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