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After a pathetic attempt in Hawaii at the Pipe Pro it’s good to get back to my beloved Port Macquarie. It’s no secret that the North Shore didn’t offer the fruits I have tasted in recent years, but it was still good to get over there.

On the plane home Jones [Russell], whom was also licking his wounds, and myself made a pact to get serious for the upcoming Box comp. We’re always pretty serious anyway, but we vowed to get “the eye of the tiger” for the next event. We have to!

In the meantime (March 1st is our “get serious” kick off) I will relax and spend some time with the family. My little girl gave me a 15 minute cuddle when I got home, and sometimes I think getting those precious long cuddles are almost worth going away for. Kids only have small attention spans (a little like myself) so for them to lock onto your neck for 15 minutes is pretty special.

I also went down the pub with a mate to play the pokies. We put $10 in each and I accidently pressed a $5 hit and got the feature. We ended up winning $400, stoked! The most I have ever won!

So, I’m going to soak up a bit of leisure before we start running up sand dunes towing cars! Haha.


  1. Georgie said:

    Good to see you are back and in a better state of mind.
    So… if she gave you a 15 min cuddle… she is going to build me a house next time I go to Port!!!
    Train hard boys but also relax a little.

  2. Carlos said:

    Lucky in love (she has your looks, but still, very oddly, she’s beautiful) and in cards (even in an electronic sort of way). Now go train hard and let it rip!

  3. FTBA said:

    Great to see you home bro, bummer you didnt get some quality salt at pipe. We have the northern districts Regional Development Series on 18th March in Forster.
    The day is built around developing the groms, cadets, juniors and DK riders in and out of the water. PMBA, SOLID, PSBC will travel to our stomping grounds for a battle.
    Joel and the crew are helping out with sponsoring the Juniors division. Bring ya blanky, board and throw some salt in Forster.


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