Another Day In Chile

After four days of competition our seeded rounds finally hit the water today. I progressed through Round 5 and then again in a man-on-man Round 6 heat. Considering the level of riding at this event I was stoked, Joe Clarke, Nick [Ormerod] and myself are the only Aussies left to hit the Quarters tomorrow. 

Having a bit of luck in comps this year has been so refreshing from the year of fucken hell I had to go through last year! If I was to look back on my career, even from when I was a grom, it’s definitely been a career of ups and downs. You just have to ride through the down times and sooner or later it will start to go up again. The only good thing about this is after the downs you appreciate the ups so much more. Before I start getting too deep, I’m only equal 8th now and the Quarter Final I have tomorrow is with the highest scoring rider of today (in both of his heats), Alan Munoz, so let’s just pull back a bit on the ups for now haha!

Another thing I have learnt about coming to Chile is that all the days can mould into one and you find yourself in groundhog day throughout your trip.

It’s like that a lot on surf trips; wake up, surf, eat, sleep… wake up, surf, eat, sleep… but in Chile it seems a lot more routine oriented ‘cause its onshore every afternoon, which means the afternoons are always the same. For this reason it can be quite relaxing but if you’re like me (have ADHD haha) then you find yourself wondering what you should do.

Last night we cooked up an epic little BBQ, it was a real taste of home and eases the homesick surge that can come from time to time.

There are a lot of good riders at this event so it’s going to be a tough competition to take out. There are eight of us left now, but I’m stoked already with the points I will get so far so I’ll have a nothing to lose attitude tomorrow. I got two 9’s in one of my heats today so I can get the scores needed if mother nature is kind to me.

Time to wheel the BBQ out again tonight and enjoy a coldie!


  1. Carlos said:

    Congrats on the 5th. Owning the GQS rankings, mate. Yew!

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