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Meet The Superhumans

The 2012 London Olympics are all but a distant memory, but just two weeks later, a different kind of superhuman has rolled into town. That’s right, the 2012 Paralympic Games get underway today and will run till September 9th.

To be honest, before my accident in 2001, which left me wheelchair-bound, I didn’t have much interest in disabled sports. Now, every four years I find myself unable to look away for the duration of the Games. In my eyes, elite disabled athletes are nothing short of amazing.

Consider the fact that these remarkable humans have not only overcome the disadvantage of being born with a disability, suffered a degenerative disease or endured a life changing accident, but have also committed themselves to the countless hours of training and massive life sacrifices required to become an elite athlete. If that doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will.

Adversity isn’t new to me. You see, I grew up on a diet of bodyboarding, skateboarding and punk and hardcore and like most, I copped my fair share of shit from surfers and the like along the way. But overcoming hardship isn’t the only similarity I have observed between these scenes and disabled athletes.

Just like bodyboarders, skateboarders and underground musicians and their adversaries, these disabled sportspeople don’t receive anywhere near the same sort of sponsorship backing, government funding or mainstream accolade as their able bodied counterparts. Sure, it sucks, but they do what they do because they love it anyway, not because it’s gonna bring them fame or fortune. And that’s what I, and Unite, have always been about too; that’s the way it should be.

Anyway, check out this promo currently running on Channel 4 (exclusive broadcaster of the 2012 Paralympics in the UK) for a glimpse of the unbridled passion and dedication shown by the competitors. Major props to Channel 4, and producer Stitch Editing, for portraying the athletes as the truly inspirational individuals they are, such a sick clip!

The 2012 Paralympics will be broadcast live on ABC2 in Australia; I know I’ll be watching.

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Behind The Ad # 189

The view from a big, glassy barrel at Teahupoo is one of the most amazing things you can imagine. The wave from this ad [Riptide 189, shot by Seth de Roulet] is one of the biggest and best I’ve ever had. This swell in early July was perfect.  Read more…

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Parkway Atlas Tour

Parkway Drive will embark on their most ambitious tour yet this December to coincide with the release of their fourth album, Atlas, due for release shortly.

The Atlas New Zealand / Australian Tour will see Parkway joined by long time friends I Killed The Prom Queen, with Depths and Too Late the locals in New Zealand and Northlane and Survival in Australia.

Check out the NZ dates here and the Australian dates here. Tickets on sale August 22.

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Chasing Ghosts Video

Here’s the official video for the new The Amity Affliction track, Chasing Ghosts. Vocalist Joel Birch is rocking our Rise Above Tee Shirt, legend!

The Amity album Chasing Ghosts is out September 7, pre-order your copy here.

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Ghostly Giveaway

In support of the forthcoming album from The Amity Affliction, Chasing Ghosts due out September 7, their label Roadrunner Records is offering 10 lucky winners some sweet Amity prize packs!

There’s five major prizes that include your chance to meet the band, a double pass to the Chasing Ghosts show of your choice, a limited edition Amity skate deck and a Chasing Ghosts poster.

Five runners up will receive an Amity Tee Shirt, iPhone case and Chasing Ghosts poster.

To enter, you’re gonna need at least one of the stickers pictured above. Keep an eye out for these at Destroy All Lines clubs or if you don’t want to leave things to chance, send your postal address to [email protected] and they’ll hook you up with a sticker and poster pack.

Get in quick though, this offer is strictly limited! Entry details are over here.

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Hosting Jezza

Over the past couple of weeks my friend from Chile, Jeremy, has been staying with us and we’ve been showing him a little bit of our great country.  Read more…

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Angelo Goes Skitz

Here’s a clip from Toys Bodyboards released today featuring our Tahitian wonderkid, Angelo Faraire filmed throughout June and July. Impressive stuff.

Angelo is coming up hard right now. Not only is he going skitz in this new clip, he also has an interview in the works for and is the star of our latest ad in Riptide 189.

Stay tuned for his Behind The Ad coming soon.

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Le Boogie 11

What more can be said about these two riders? One is probably the best bodyboarder in the world right now, the 2012 Shark Island Challenge and Box Pro champion, and sole owner of the most promising board label in the industry, Mitch Rawlins. The other is Cade Sharp.

Two savage competitors, two gold-plated covers, one cheerless pub. Who will prevail? Steal your piece of bullion from newsagents on August 15th or right now at

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Kingy In The Zone

Damian King scored himself todays Full Bleed at Photo by Alex Gibson.

Kingy has been keeping his King Shit blog updated on the reg with posts on everything from road trips to BBQ refits, head over here to read up on his latest doings.

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Sick At The SIC

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last post. We had the SIC, I built another classic BBQ and have been on the road chasing waves.  Read more…

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