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We’re On Instagram

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past little while, you’d be well aware that Instagram is the new big thing in the ever-revolving door of social media. Well, we’ve finally embraced the platform and jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks back.

Follow us at uniteclothingco for sneak peeks of our Winter 2012 Collection dropping in early May (including the Limited Edition Livid Button Up shown above) and other random crap that you most probably won’t see here.

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Davis Surging

Flow Team rider Davis Blackwell has a profile in the latest offering from Surge Magazine with the accompanying photo by Chris Gurney. Version 5.0 of Surge is bound to keep you busy for a while with it’s fresh images, interviews and profiles spread over a whopping 362 pages.

Davis just returned home to Western Australia following the Port Macquarie Festival Of Bodyboarding last week. Stay in the loop of what he’s up by following his blog over here.

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Champion Fighter

Following on from their feature on spinal injuries earlier this week, Movement writer (and damn good bodyboarder) Ben Player caught up with our owner and Managing Director Joel Taylor for an interview. Check it out over here.

To find out more about Joel and spinal injuries within bodyboarding, click here to head over to and read Broken Back by Alexi Falson.

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Unite TV Episode 2

We are proud to announce the release of Unite TV Episode 2 featuring Nick Ormerod and his standout performance during the 2012 season in Hawaii.

“Hawaii this year was really good, probably the best season I’ve been there. Plenty of Pipe for the comp and free surfing and some good, rampy days in between,” Nick claimed upon his return from the Pacific paradise.

In his tenth season on the North Shore, Nick was a clear standout amongst the star-studded crowd that invaded the infamous lineup throughout January and February. So, what was different for him this year compared to years passed?

“I think experience plays a big part over there. I had a couple of sessions where I felt good about my riding, but there was nothing different about this year except for maybe more consistent waves. I guess I was more clear about what I wanted from Hawaii and a little more driven too,” Nick explained.

With a mind-blowing start to the year, Nick is keen to keep his momentum going forward and is planning an attack on the IBA World Tour throughout the remainder of 2012.

“My main goal this year is to qualify for the 2013 World Tour. I’ve never had a whole year planned around comps, or even a clear goal for that matter. I know what I’ve gotta do and I’m amped to make it happen.”

Unite TV is available on YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes. To view or download the latest episode, visit

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Mental Sale At Emerald

Emerald is currently running a mental sale on all PP and 3D bodyboards. How mental you ask? Well, you can pick up a PP board for $300.00 or a 3D board for just 250 bucks!

If you’re after a new ride, go and see Des at Shop 7 / 2 Surf Road, Cronulla or shop online at and support your local Authorised Unite Dealer.

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Caleb Ripping The Tide

Our mate Caleb Graham – the fella that produced Unite TV Episode 1 and the film clip for the Parkway Drive track, Karma – has just about finished up editing the new Parkway DVD, Home Is For The Heartless.

Riptide caught up with Caleb for a quick interview about the film and his craft, click here to have a read. When you’re done, get yourself over to and peep some of his previous work. Your eyeballs will thank you later.

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Port Festival

The Port Macquarie Teams Challenge will kick off this weekend. Teams from all over Australia will be battling it out to get a piece of the $10,000 prize pool. The forecast is looking shocking for the weekend making the whole event much tighter.  Read more…

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Parked Under Cover

Lachlan Cramsie with another Full Bleed at today. Photo by Nathan Tyack.

Lachie got his drivers license last week so there’ll be plenty more road tripping on the cards now. Stay up to date with his adventures at

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Film For The Heartless

Parkway Drive invite you to see the world through their eyes with a film that follows the band on their endless global trek.

Shot in 42 countries on five continents, the 75 minute Home Is For The Heartless DVD is both a rare travelogue and an in-depth look at Parkway on stage and off. Their first DVD release, Parkway Drive: The DVD, was the highest selling Australian music DVD of 2009, achieving Platinum sales, and winning the Rolling Stone Award for Best Music DVD.

Where The DVD told the story of bands history and achievements up to that point, Home Is For The Heartless is a much more unique and personal statement. In addition to footage of some of the craziest shows the band has ever played, it also captures some of their greatest adventures and most poignant shared moments.

Traveling to many obscure destinations, including some third-world cities that had never been visited by an international heavy band, Parkway Drive embrace the local peoples and cultures as a vital part of their experience.

Stay tuned for release dates for the Home Is For The Heartless DVD coming soon.

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On The Way Home

I’ve spent the last week in WA scoring waves and after getting some decent swells I’m like a greyhound at the gates eager to get home.  Read more…

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