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Back Home

After a pathetic attempt in Hawaii at the Pipe Pro it’s good to get back to my beloved Port Macquarie. It’s no secret that the North Shore didn’t offer the fruits I have tasted in recent years, but it was still good to get over there. Read more…

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Washing Machine

Another  The Daily Frame at Fluidzone for Lachlan Cramsie today. Photo by Dylon Parr.

That’s two Daily Frame’s for Lachie in the past week! You can check out his first one here.

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Mad Hook Ups

Todd Quigley at QCD Boards just knocked up a new board for The Amity Affliction frontman Joel Birch.  Sweet set up… 3D core with a standard stringer, black deck, black pinline, orange rails and an orange slick.

The $300 board sale at QCD is still on! This deal will run until 14th March only. Stringer, channels, nose bulbs and board bag included along with free shipping, hit for more information.

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Bodyboard Travel Guide

The Bodyboard Travel Guide will open your mind to the endless possibilities that exploring the world with your bodyboard can bring. Featuring 100 slabs, wedges and shore breaks on six continents, three oceans and dozens of countries, it will have you salivating at the sheer variety of what’s on offer.

This book covers how to plan your trip, where and when to go, how to score more waves by getting in shape, why every bodyboarder needs to go on a boat trip, staying safe, healthy and out of trouble, how to shoot great images and preserve your memories, how to save money on budget trips, cold water destinations: how to survive and thrive, the one nation in the world every single man should visit, and how to prepare for an awesome road trip.

Detailed destination sections cover background info, waves, general travel advice and the vibe, plus of course, detailed spot checks of the most body boarding-friendly breaks. Destinations covered include Ireland, Hawaii, Portugal, Tahiti, Pacific Islands, Scotland, Canary Islands, Morocco, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, England and Wales, Chile, Central America, Mexico, Brazil, USA and Spain.

There’s a ton of useful tips and insights from seasoned travellers and bodyboarding pros including 2010 World Champion Amaury Lavernhe, Matt Lackey, Pierre Louis Costes, Sacha Specker, Dave Winchester, Damian King, Ben Player and Magno Oliveira all illustrated with hundreds of photos from the worlds top bodyboarding and surfing photographers including Tim Jones, Sacha Specker, Tim McKenna, Mike Searle, Ray Collins, Lee Kelly and Chris Van Lennep.

Buy The Bodyboard Travel Guide now from

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Crazy As A Coconut

Lachlan Cramsie is today’s The Daily Frame at Photo by Charles Beak.

Lachie has been making regular posts on his blog whilst he’s been in Hawaii, follow him at and stay updated.

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The Halsey Memoirs

When we asked Nic Barclay, producer of The Three Conscious Project, what the story was with this footage of Alex Halsey, he simply said that “it’s just a little cut of some of the North Point footage from the last section of the film. I hadn’t edited anything in a while so I made it.”

Good enough excuse for us.

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Le Boogie Uncovered

If you thought the Le Boogie website had been quiet lately, that’s because they’ve been working around the clock on some renovations. Well, today they uncovered their new website and it’s been well worth the wait, head over to and check out what’s been done to the place. There’s huge galleries, exclusive interviews and amazing new photos every single day!

Yep, every single day! Le Boogie has introducing the daily Full Bleed, a brilliant new photo revealed every day until their veins runs out of juice and the last camera on earth turns to dust. Make sure you bookmark Full Bleed here.

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Parkway In Byron Bay

We’re lucky enough to be located just 10 minutes from Byron Bay, the home of Parkway Drive, so when the fellas played their first show at the Byron YAC in about five years on Saturday night, we were there with bells on. If you ever get a chance to see Parkway play a hometown show, do it ’cause it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Fucking wild!

Parkway Drive are currently on the road for their Sick Summer Tour. There’s still limited tickets available for most shows so if you wanna be one of the first to hear a track from their new album to be released later this year, click here for more information.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Compte.

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Dumb Boy Strikes Again

Well, dumb boy did the one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t… I caught the shittiest waves in the heat! Pumping Pipe and I was either dropping in late (good scoop though haha) or taking on closeouts… unbelievable! Read more…

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Big Day Tomorrow!

My first heat [in the Pipe Challenge] hits the water tomorrow afternoon, and there’s more then enough swell for it! It’s predicted to be in the 10 foot range, and although I’m nervous, I’m really excited at the same time. I think some amazing things are going to happen tomorrow and I want to be ready when that opportunity comes. Read more…

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