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2012 Big Day Out

In huge news for Parkway Drive, Winston McCall and the lads have been announced on the 2012 Big Day Out lineup alongside headliner Kanye West and other acts such as Soundgarden, Kasabian and Mariachi El Bronx.

Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2012, the festival will run throughout Australia and New Zealand in late January and early February. Head over to for the full lineup, dates and ticketing information.

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Behind The Ad # 183

I went over to Fiji for a big Cloudbreak swell in mid July and this wave, and the photo from this ad [Riptide 183, shot by Nick Bannehr], was from the first day of the swell and my second wave ever caught at the break. Read more…

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Ben Lee Launches

We’ve been working closely with Ben Lee, a photographer from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, over the past few years. Most recently he shot this ad featuring Unite Flow Team rider Lachlan Cramsie which appeared in Movement 36.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ben has been dabbling in videography this year too. Check out this clip, filmed and edited by the man himself, that he released for the launch of his new website earlier this month. There’s a bunch of Lachie footage in there so it’s definitely worth a look.

When you’re done, get yourself over to the new, there’s plenty of photography gold to lay your eyes on and a blog where you can keep up to date with his latest work. What are you waiting for?

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Behind The Ad # 8

The session that Gurns [photographer Chris Gurney] shot this ad [Le Boogie 8] was about a week after the Box Pro had wrapped up. It was a relatively uncrowded day due to the fact that most of the guys in town for the comp had already gone home. Read more…

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Davis In Paradise

Geez our Flow kids are killing it at the moment! First it was Lachlan Cramsie blowing up on the IBA Australasia Pro Tour over the past couple of weekends, now Turbo has gone and released this clip featuring Davis Blackwell from a trip he did to the Cook Islands back in late August.

Both Lachie and Davis will be competing in the 2011 National Titles at Kiama, New South Wales, from 17th to 23rd October. Good luck fellas!

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Novy On Top

With his Semi Final finish at the 2011 Knights Beach Pro on the weekend, Michael Novy (above) has leapfrogged into first place on the 2011 IBA Australasia Pro Tour rankings ahead of Mitch Rawlins (second) and Andrew Lester (third).

The eighth and final event, the Rebel Sport Pro, will be held at Kiama, New South Wales, from 20th to 23rd October and Novy is hoping to go one better than his runner up place on last years tour. Bring it home mate!

Photo courtesy of Josh Tabone.

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Runner Up Again

Unite Flow Team rider Lachlan Cramsie (above) finished runner up again, this time to Andrew Lester, in the Knights Beach Pro, the seventh event of the 2011 IBA Australasia Pro Tour, over the weekend.

Lachie, also runner up at the Vic Pro just last week, put on a dominant display taking down his heroes Mitch Rawlins and Dave Winchester in consecutive man on man heats, Mitch in the Quarter Finals and Dave in the Semi Finals. In his Semi against Winny, he dropped in late to a thick Knights tube, coming out the spit with a massive roll, leaving the crowd in hysterics with a score of 9.83.

The result catapults Lachie into eighth position on the 2011 IBA Australasia Pro Tour rankings. A top 10 finish is looking promising with the final event, the Rebel Sport Pro, to be run at Kiama, New South Wales, from October 20th to 23rd.

Photo courtesy of Damon Arandelovic.

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Roadrunner Records is pleased to announce the signing of The Amity Affliction, one of the most head-turning and exciting hard rock bands to come barreling out of Australia. The band has scorched a trail Down Under and is now poised to stake its claim in the US. Roadrunner will release Youngbloods digitally on October 25 and the band will head back  into the studio in early 2012 to record the follow up with Youngbloods producer Machine.

“Ever since I can remember we’ve been dreaming big – big tours, big shows, big crowds – but never in our wildest dreams did we ever think something this big would come around,” frontman Joel Birch said. “Signing to Roadrunner worldwide is almost beyond a dream come true, because there’s no way any of us would have ever dreamed of being able to achieve something this monumental.”

Birch continued, “We’re proud to be added to such an incredible roster of bands, and having already spent time with some of the team at the label, we’re excited to become a part of the larger Roadrunner family. This is a massive step forward for us as a band, and one we’re going to be pouring all our energy into in the future.”

The bands most recent album Youngbloods debuted at # 6 on the ARIA charts in Australia and went on to get unprecedented nominations for Best Hard Rock Performance at both the ARIA and IMA Awards. Following extensive touring overseas and a slot on Soundwave 2011, the band returned to headline Australian in late May, selling over 15,000 tickets over the course of eight shows, including 4500 tickets at their Brisbane homecoming at the Riverstage. Youngbloods was voted Best Album of 2011 on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud and in Blunt Magazine, where they just notched their third cover in 18 months. That issue lands this coming October.

Amity will be a part of the No Guts, No Glory tour of the US alongside Miss May I, Pierce The Veil, Woe, Is Me and Letlive this November and December. Click here for all the dates.

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The Mastermind

Unite: Who is Nic Barclay?

Nic Barclay: I’m 19 from Perth, Western Australia. I took my first year out of school off to make this film. No notable previous works although I did make a bodyboard film called Pure in my final year of school.

What can we expect from your new film, The Three Conscious Project?

You can expect to see the level of bodyboarding being raised. The riders I chose, and the destinations I went to, were all decided upon for no reason other than to show the best bodyboarding possible.

You filmed for 12 months and travelled to Hawaii, the Canary Islands, France and all across Australia, was there a single standout session for you?

Looking back there was a couple of amazing sessions. For me one of the best would have to be an afternoon at North Point with Alex [Halsey] and [Michael] Novy. It forms a whole section in the film. It was only them out and it was incredible. Perfect conditions for filming… no clouds, backlit as the sun went down. The guys surfed until it was pitch black and I couldn’t film anymore.

What equipment did you use for filming and production?

I filmed in high definition using a Canon 7D, Canon XH A1S and a Panasonic AG-AF100 and used Final Cut Pro 7 to edit the film.

Who or what inspired you to pursue filmmaking?

I’m not really sure to be honest; there wasn’t any special moment that made me know I wanted to film. I started back when I was about 14 with Halsey. I mean, I had filmed little stunt movies with mates, but Alex was the first person that I began filming bodyboarding with. I missed so many waves back then that I’m surprised he continued to work with me. As I started to learn more I just wanted to have the best equipment and take it to the next level. That’s what motivated me to film. It’s pretty hard not to be stoked when your working with the five most exciting young guys right now.

What’s your favourite bodyboard film of all time?

No Friends 4… closely followed by The Hardlyfe 1. To start with, [Brian] Stoker is a creative genius. All of the [No Friends] riders at that point were at their peak and they managed a mean team ideology. The music is flawless too. It was an original format for back then, the profile sections idea.

Why did you decide to dedicate more than a year of your life on a full length film rather than just put out clips on the Net like every other man and his dog?

There is just something about making a proper film. It’s far more fulfilling making a feature than a clip that is over and done within a matter of minutes. I hate the fact that with Internet clips, from the second you click play, you know when it’s going to end. If you work with good people and commit yourself to the film, everyone begins to feel the energy and get involved. All the riders in The Three Conscious Project were committed and were supportive of what I was trying to do. It’s just different; it’s better haha. It’s hard to explain.

They definitely seem to be the trend at the moment though, do you think that Internet clips and Podcasts are a positive or negative for filmmakers and the sport in general?

100% negative. That being said, filmmakers aren’t bodyboarders. The amount of Internet videos may be having a positive effect on some elements of the sport, although I can’t see bodyboarding films existing for too much longer. [During filming] I mainly got frustrated when people just rocked up on the beach at sessions where I was shooting, knowing in the back of my mind that the footage would be up on the Internet within hours. Some people just don’t get it. Hawaii and the Canaries are a free-for-all, but in WA I ran into this problem far too often. I’m also a little concerned with the idea that all of these clips are just being pumped out by bodyboarders to show people who they are. If they take time and effort and approach it the right way it will leave a far longer lasting impact on the viewer.

So, why should someone spend their hard earned cash on a video like The Three Conscious Project when they can watch all the latest footage online for free?

There are so many reasons. The main one is because my video is better than the online videos, is that enough? Haha nah, people should spend their money on the DVD ‘cause they get to see what surfing as a team brings about… unique experiences, friendships, and most of all, the highest level of bodyboarding. Along with that it will cost less to buy a DVD than reload a clip 30 times and cap your downloads three days into the month. In the end it’s up to people what they do, but if you don’t buy the films or attend the premieres there really isn’t much incentive for us to keep making them.

The stars of the video, Michael Novy, Mitch WoodlandAlex Halsey, Pierre Louis Costes and Jake Stone, are all world class riders at the top of their game right now, who impressed you the most during filming?

Probably Halsey. He had to work the hardest to keep up with the other riders, but in the end he stands out I think. He also scored the last section of the film, and arguably the best section. I’ve never seen someone improve so quickly, and it’s funny ‘cause you see that throughout the film. Everyone progresses over the year, Alex perhaps more than anyone.

Why did you decide to focus on five younger riders rather than the standard ‘biggest names, best waves’ formula that’s been used for bodyboard films in the past?

I chose the young guys ‘cause it was an original format that hadn’t been tried out in bodyboarding before. Chad [Waldron] made There’s No I in a similar format, however, he targeted some bigger names and that video was a classic. Given my age and who my mates were, I thought it would be suitable to go for the younger generation of riders that people haven’t seen to the same extent as guys like Ryan [Hardy], Ben [Player] and Kingy [Damian King].

You’ve been locked up editing for the past couple of months, how does it feel to finally have this thing in the bag? Bet you’re psyched for the premiere tomorrow night, huh?

It feels incredible to have all the finished copies sitting behind me right now. I couldn’t be more excited to show people what I have been working on for the past year and a bit. It should be a sick night!

What was the last wave that you filmed for the video? Did you score any sneaky last minute sessions?

The last sessions I filmed were at my local break, North Point. It was off its chops. It felt like it turned on for the end of the video. Pierre and Mitch had bailed, so Alex was the only one left, he stepped it up and had what I think were the best surfs of his life. People will be impressed with his surfing during sessions especially. He really put himself forward as a top rider to be.

What are your plans now that you’re done with the film? Do you have any other projects in the works?

Nothing concrete at the moment. I need to buy a new camera and then I’ll be back in the game but for now I’m just taking a little break!

The Three Conscious Project will premiere this Saturday, 24th September at the Regal Theatre, Subiaco, Western Australia. Doors open at 7.30pm, grab your tickets here for only $12.00. Tickets will also be available at the door and you’ll be able to pick up the DVD for just 20 bucks on the night. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Chris Gurney.

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The Late Addition

Unite: What can we expect from Michael Novy in Nic Barclay’s new film, The Three Conscious Project?

Michael Novy: Well, we filmed pretty extensively on this project for a year, it’s probably the hardest that I’ve worked on a section since the Visions days. I can’t remember spending as much time away on trips as I did with Nic. I’m hoping it shows haha.

For a young filmmaker, Nic is pretty onto it. What was it like working with him?

He’s one of those really smart guys that’s still a bit of a rookie when it come to life haha. It was funny travelling with him as he hadn’t really been anywhere before. He’s also a redhead and a bit of a clicker but otherwise he’s pretty frothing to film and has a great eye for it. He seems to draw good influence from other videos and I reckon he will produce an amazing film.

Why did you decide to work on this rather than just put out a few clips on the Internet?

It’s usually hard to get footage to make those clips, originally I was just going to buy the footage off Nic and do my own thing. After filming with him a bit, I realised he had a pretty sick idea for a video and wanted me to be apart of it so I was all for it!

They seem to be the trend at the moment, do you think that Internet clips and Podcasts are a positive or negative for filmmakers and the sport in general?

Both… positive ‘cause you can reach a number of viewers that you wouldn’t be able to with a DVD but negative ‘cause there’s no real financial return in them. Most sponsors don’t even seem to realise how beneficial they are for advertising.

You filmed for 12 months and travelled to Hawaii, the Canary Islands and all across Australia, was there a single standout session for you?

It would’ve been a session I had out at Fronton [Canary Islands] when I surfed it solo for about 45 minutes. It wasn’t pumping but just to have that wave to yourself is so amazing, you can get so many good waves. I’m guessing half of my Canaries footage is from that one session haha.

Mitch Woodland, Alex Halsey, Pierre Louis Costes and Jake Stone also feature in the film. In your opinion, who do you reckon will have the stand out section?

Well, I’ve heard that Halsey has an eight minute section so I’m guessing either him or Mitch since they were living with Nic most of the year. They both should definitely have crackers!

What are your plans now that filming for the video is done? Do you have any other projects in the works?

Nic said recently that he’s coming to the Canaries again so there’s that and not to plug another video or anything, but I was also working with Will Hodgett on The Mega Movie pretty heavily throughout this year. It will be out in the next few months too.

The Three Conscious Project will premiere this Saturday, 24th September at the Regal Theatre, Subiaco, Western Australia. Doors open at 7.30pm, grab your tickets here for only $12.00. Tickets will also be available at the door and you’ll be able to pick up the DVD for just 20 bucks on the night. For more information, visit

Exclusive frame grab courtesy of Nic Barclay and Three Conscious.

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