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What Crowd?

This clip is a perfect visual example of what I wrote about in this post a couple days back. Parkway Drive and the massive Brisbane crowd during their encore at The Riverstage last week. Amazing.

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Riptide 178

Riptide 178 available today at newsagents and select surf shops across Australia. Go buy it!

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Sneak Peak At 178

Last week the crew at Riptide went to check out Parkway Drive on the Deep Blue tour. They managed to get a couple of the very first copies of Issue 178 to Winston McCall, and in return, the lads kindly agreed to play a cool cameo part in the next issue.

Riptide 179 is due to land just before Christmas and by all reports, it’s already shaping up to be one of the craziest issues yet!

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Le Preview 5

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Got Our Back

Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall rocking our Motley Button Up on stage at their sold out show at The Hordern in Sydney last Friday. I was lucky enough to catch the shows at The Riverstage, Brisbane and High School in Byron Bay last week and despite seeing the lads live countless times before, I was completely blown away by both their performance and the crowds that they’re drawing these days. They just seem to be getting better and bigger every tour. Only dates in Hobart, Adelaide and Perth are left on the Deep Blue tour. If you’re able to get to the shows, do it! All the remaining dates are over here.

Photo courtesy of Ken Leanfore. Click here to view the full gallery from The Hordern.

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Halsey In 2010

Alex Halsey today released the highly anticipated first clip on his blog. The footage is from early 2010 sessions in Hawaii and Western Australia. Check it out, the kid has been killing it!

Keep up to date with the happenings of Halsey at and

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Le Boogie 5

Le Boogie number five is alive. Somehow Phil Gallagher and friends have trumped the last issue with even better photographs and stories. They sent three men into the jungle in search of Google Earth gold and made men throw themselves into huge barrels promising them glory and girls (but only gave them printed memories). Have a poke around inside and find out who is the legend of Koots, why James Kates loves his life and what Chris James really thinks about the World Champion.

Speaking of the World Champion, Le Boogie predicted Amaury’s success and interviewed him just prior to his title. Mike Mckiernan talks love, tahiti and all things Amaury Lavernhe with bodyboarding’s new World Champion. Kristian Geraghty has never won a World Title nor will he ever. He has won more than you realise though and it’s a damn shame we all don’t know about it.

Pack the rest of this sexy beast with the best of the best images of the hottest riders on Earth and the pitiful amount of cash you pay for this issue will leave you feeling like you owe Le Boogie more. Pound for pound this just might be the best issue to date… oh fuck it, it’s the best issue of any magazine in the history of the world!

You like sequence? You like water shot? You want big photo? You buy Le Boogie, ok?

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Public Relations

With the Deep Blue Australian tour starting tomorrow in Brisbane, Channel [V] recently caught up with Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall and had him answer questions from their fans. Check out Part I of the interview here and Part II here.

Also, with regular host Stu Harvey away on leave, Parkway Drive have been invited to take over the Short.Fast.Loud studio this week. Tune into Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud on September 22 – yep, tomorrow night from 10.00pm! – to hear some of the lads favourite punk and hardcore tunes.

Click here to listen to Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud.

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Nick O One Zero

Times are a changin’! In my opinion the days of the DVD are numbered, it seems it’s all about the Podcast these days. While this often means small screens and tinny speakers, it also means free and almost unlimited access to all those clips you would’ve had to fork out cash for a few years ago. You can’t fight progress and a lot of companies know it.

At the start of this year, Unite was throwing around the idea of doing a Podcast series. We worked together and gathered some footage until they realised they had a busy time ahead and didn’t want to rush it so they decided against the series for the time being. This left us with a bunch of footage in a folder named “?”.

When my other sponsors agreed to pay for the remainder of the footage to do a clip of my own I decided to put my editing skills to the test and make this. Hope you like it.

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Lachie Is Found

Mitch Rawlins’ new board company Found Boards welcomes 15 year old Unite Flow team rider Lachlan Cramsie from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to their team. Just like Lachie, Found Boards are moving up fast and both are bound to be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Head over here to view the full Press Release.

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