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Novy’s Back

Michael Novy has made a miraculous recovery and is back in the water less than two months after a slam on the NSW Central Coast left him with three fractured vertebrae.

“I’m five days in now and feeling okay”, he reported today. “The first day was funny, I was so unco and weak, it took me at least eight times to complete a forward spin and even staying on my board felt weird. This morning I felt pretty good though. I’m still keeping to the basics, spins and rolls in under 3 foot waves but definitely improving at a rapid rate now. I’m just looking to be in shape for Europe next month so not going to push it until then.”

Novy put his time out of action to good use and has now officially launched his personal website. Have a look at all of his hard work over at

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Road Trippin’

Tom Smith, Spencer Skipper and Brendon Backshall will be packing the van and heading off on the Manta East Coast Promo Tour next week. The tour will take in nine stops, from Ulladulla in the South to Mooloolaba in the North, over two weeks in early August.

Fluidzone will be riding shotgun and documenting the entire tour, be sure to follow all the mayhem at

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In The e-News

The most recent addition to our Team, Lachlan Cramsie has landed himself a profile in the new Riptide e-newsletter. There’s no doubt this kid has a bright future, check out what he’s got to say for himself here.

Portrait courtesy of Ben Lee.

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Nick Ormerod “boosting” on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast a couple of weeks back after a failed mission up North. Eppo would be proud.

Photo courtesy of Ben Lee.

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False Alarm

Contest Director Alex Leon decided against running the 2010 Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge last Friday due to less than desirable conditions. Ryan Hardy (above), Damian KingNick Ormerod and the rest of the Big Wigs still managed to sneak in a fun session despite the lack of swell and cross shore winds.

More photos of the session can be found here. The waiting period has now been extended to 16th August so fingers crossed for a swell!

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Warped Madness

We’re halfway though the Warped Tour, shit is getting mental! The shows have gone from big to just ridiculous. Tonnes of kids and the most insane playing temperatures on Earth (averaging 40 degrees a day). Been getting some amazing feedback from the new record and even had a few East Coast booger kids rocking up to the Virginia Beach show.

Hoping we can keep it together for the rest of the tour, it’s so damn hot, something’s got to give soon. What I wouldn’t give for waves right now…

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No Go

In Sydney about to fly back to Perth. Spewin’ the Island was a touch too small and windy this morning to run the contest. The forecast looks bleak so I’m back to the West until further notice. Mother nature is always the one that screws you in the end. Sucks but what can you do other than bend over and cop it? Haha.

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We just received word from 2010 Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge Contest Director Alex Leon that organisers are looking to run the event tomorrow. “After studying all 250 different weather charts that we had on offer we have decided to go for it tomorrow,” he said.

Cheer on Unite Team riders Ryan Hardy (Heat 1), Damian King (Heat 2) and Nick Ormerod (Heat 3) by logging on to the live webcast at from 6.45am.

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Q & A With Novy

Jack Johns at Boogtique tracked down Michael Novy for a quick Q & A and talked broken backs, Movement covers, new websites and more. Read the interview here.

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50 First Dates

Long time friend, and Unite supporter since the beginning, Winston McCall is currently on the Vans Warped Tour in the US with his band Parkway Drive. He recently sent me an email giving an insight into the madness.

“We’ve only played two shows, fucked the first one up haha, but redeemed ourselves yesterday. Crowds and reactions have been insane, biggest so far for us over here. It’s been mental, if it keeps up like this then I dont know what’s going to happen! Only 50 more shows to go.”

Playing something along the lines of 50 shows in 50 days, it’s safe to say he’ll be itching for waves by the time the tour is done.

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